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As I work to write this article here on Tuesday morning, we're still waiting for the results of the Democratic caucus in Iowa.  Apparently, the app has failed to do its job.  Which leads me to an issue relative to technology and the challenges we face in our industry.  We’re all so immersed in technology day in & day out, that “there’s an app for that” is a commonly accepted phrase and practice.  Sure it’s accessible. Maybe it’s appropriate. Maybe it’s even efficient, but what happens when technology fails us?  

This leads to me to think about real estate practices used today, where everyone believes there is an app for that.  From discount FSBOs and questionable “Zestimates” to modern photography editing, and digital staging— transforming the shabby properties to chic.  Do these advances in technology serve our clients?

I’m not trying to generate a level of distrust in technology.  Real estate marketing apps quickly flood you with information, and are a wonderful tool to aid your real estate research, however they can’t replace the human element.  In my mind there’s just no replacement for the agent who can cater and adjust to the individual needs of his or her client.  Agents provide intimate knowledge of their towns, neighborhoods and real estate markets to establish the ideal location, and match the criteria of their clients.  Do apps properly distinguish the difference between ‘West Side Student Housing’, and the charm of ‘The Avenues’ for the out town buyer seeking a family home? 

Technology has no notion of quality like an agent walking through potential properties.  Perhaps we’ll reach the point of ‘scratch and sniff’ cell phone experiences. For now, there’s no replacement for our agents on the ground, implementing their experience, intuition, and their senses.  Is that the smell of smoke from someone cutting corners on a fire rebuild?  Can apps hear that knocking water heater, or see that blatant and dangerous code violation?  It’s not all negative.  Maybe your agent knows you’re an avid rose gardener. They just stopped to smell the roses in the perfectly manicured front yard, and they can’t wait to report that they smell amazing! 

My point is, agents remain eminent in their experience and ability to answer questions, and concerns as they guide their clients through a real estate transaction.  As technology rages forward, I have no doubts that human to human communication will remain fundamental for thriving families, businesses, communities & real estate markets. We are here for you.

Feel free to contact me anytime (530) 896-9339. Like our team on Facebook @TheDepaTeam.

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