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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Although it feels like the world is grinding to a halt, certain aspects of peoples lives still need to move forward regardless of the coronavirus. There are people with job transfers, changes in family status, people who need to downsize for retirement, or have property that needs to be liquidated. We also have the continued influx of people who are still trying to recover from the last disaster, and replace their homes lost in the Camp Fire. As we navigate our way through these turbulent times, here are some examples of the social distancing practices you will see in place to protect our clients who still need to conduct real estate transactions at this time. We’ll start with the obvious— No open houses. We’re fumbling gracefully towards virtual tours, there’s a learning curve, but I am confident with todays technology we will quickly master this valuable tool for our clients. Imagine, buyers are able to tour multiple properties from the comfort and safety of their own homes, maybe even observe cocktail hour while doing it. Our industry is already well acquainted with electronic documents and signatures, all paperwork will continue to be done electronically. Physical showings are by appointment only, and reserved for vetted buyers with their prequalified loan letters in place. Buyers and sellers will both be asked to declare their health status prior to a physical showing. For an occupied home, we would ask the seller to leave on lights, and open curtains to minimize the need for touching, and ask that they are not in the home at the time of showing. Unfortunately this is not the time for the whole family to attend a showing, anticipate only 2 people will be allowed in

to a property. As well, real estate teams should only have 1 agent present. When a buyer and agent arrive they should wear protective face masks, and may be asked to remove shoes, or wear supplied booties. They will be directed to first walk over to the sink and wash their hands with soap, or douce their hands in sanitizer and put on gloves. A strict no touching policy is being implemented for the safety of all our clients. Proper distances will be maintained between agents and clients at all times, if a room is not big enough to warrant that, then only one person will go in. Even final signings with the title companies are being done through mobile notaries in open, and safe locations. I believe people are resilient. We will get through this by practicing social distancing in our community, and leading the way in our industry— Utilizing the best practices guidelines for the safety of our clients. Please be kind to one another, we’re all in this together. We’re still here for you. Feel free to contact me anytime (530) 896-9339. Like our team on Facebook @TheDepaTeam.

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