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As realtors, we help our clients during some of the best, and also the most challenging times of their lives. From the sheer joy and pride of owning your first home, to the delicate difficulties of life changes like divorce, or loss of a loved one. We realize we’re a part of building your memories, and we know, to be the best— We must also be able to handle the worst.

We focus on the cost effectiveness of home ownership, equity, and the positive financial impact owning a home can make in our retirement years, but do you ever think about the emotional impact of owning your own home? Home ownership gives you the ability to put down some roots! You get to bond with neighbors, grow with your community, build memories, and celebrate milestones that will be cherished for years to come.

This is exactly what my parents did 55 years ago. I recently returned to my childhood home outside of Chicago, where my mother passed away. After the funeral, I found myself wandering through the house, reflecting on how their home has truly become a time capsule of memories, of my brothers and sisters, and the life we all shared. My father has made it his life mission to collect our beautiful memories that adorn every inch of space on the walls, and shelves in a room we affectionately call “The Shrine Room”. Fifty-five years of life, love, and raising five kids— Can you image the amount of memories here?

With the assistance of his care taker, my Dad will continue to be surrounded by all the memories of my Mom, and the life they built. Sadly, I know the reality of the day is coming when a realtor much like myself, will be called to guide our family through a sorrowful time. My siblings and I will be faced with the daunting task of sorting through their belongings, and in the end we will need to sell this collection of memories that we never thought of as a house, but as our home.

Times like this are bittersweet as a Realtor. I feel immense appreciation for the realtors I know, who care and understand the work they do is not just a job. The service they provide, navigating their clients overwhelmed by emotions through the real estate process is a gift. Perhaps our hearts can be soothed knowing that memories of a “Home” live on, even when we no longer own that house. Maybe there is even comfort envisioning new families, constructing their own new memories where we once loved, laughed & played.

Sometimes buying a home isn't always about the dollars & cents. Sometimes it's just about the security and peace of mind having a place to call your own. A place to build an amazing life, and all the memories that go along with it. If you’re struggling with toilsome times, we’re here for you. If you’ve been longing for the gratification of home ownership, we are here for you too.

Be kind to one another ~ Contact me anytime (530) 896-9339.

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